NetSuite meets Switzerland - Localization made simple

Complex processes require specialized knowledge.

Harmonious integration of local requirements

Modern ERP systems are characterized by a central system architecture, which is essential in terms of timeliness and transparency of data and processes in programmatic business operations. These systems have standardized functionalities that are generally applicable, but do not take national specifics into account in detail. And this is exactly where the localization tasks come in, because Switzerland in particular requires consideration of various legal, linguistic and business aspects.

In order to use these sometimes conflicting approaches of centralization and localization harmoniously in a modern business application, it is important to plan the implementation carefully and to consider the specific needs of the company.

Oracle NetSuite and PROMATIS – A solution that fits

Oracle NetSuite, the world’s No. 1 for cloud-based business software, is an ERP solution that reliably maps business processes and flexibly implements requirements. PROMATIS, as an Oracle partner with more than 30 years of experience, knows the requirements of the companies, especially of the Swiss market and complements the comprehensive functionalities of the NetSuite solutions with its established and practice-oriented Best Practice solutions. Based on the intense developments within PROMATIS, customers can quickly and harmoniously integrate the creative solution concepts into their system landscape by means of agile and well-founded process and project expertise, taking into account the Swiss specifics and thus creating the basis for stability, efficiency and growth.

Symbiosis for successful Swiss business applications

The comprehensive functionalities of the ERP application Oracle NetSuite supplemented by the Swiss localization solutions of PROMATIS result in a modern solution, which seamlessly integrates central and national aspects in all facets.

Some functionalities from the localization package of PROMATIS:

5 cent rounding

  • Rounding of the centime amounts to 0 or 5 centimes
  • Activation via General Preferences requires initial usage decision
  • Rounding difference is posted to corresponding accounts
  • Posting of a possible over- or underpayment to a separate freely definable account

Multilingual PDF-print templates

  • Delivery of customizable best practice print templates, according to the stored language

VAT balance taxation

  • Mapping of the effective or the balance method
  • Selection of reporting according to “agreed” and “received” remuneration
  • Flexible adjustment of tax rates
  • Automated and complete filling of the UVA
  • Comparison of the general ledger accounts as well as the tax accounts in one report including the allocation to the respective transactions

ESR & IBAN payment files

  • Generation of payment files according to ISO20022 in the corresponding payment file formats (e.g. Pain.001, Camt.052, etc.)
  • Connection to the commercial banks used for automatic transfer of the payment files is optional

QR code

  • Generation of customer QR code invoices and credit notes using a connected barcode generator
  • Customization of the print layout
  • Entry of vendor credit notes or invoices by means of QR scanner and pre-filling of the input masks with the information entered
  • Creation of missing suppliers by scanning the QR code

PROMATIS Best Practice Dashboards

  • Provide best practice search patterns, reports and dashboards for many different roles and industries

Optional features

Withholding tax declaration

  • Generating reports for the registration of withholding tax with the respective cantons

File analysis

  • Provision of all relevant debit and credit documents as one categorized PDF through individual filter settings