Oracle NetSuite Supercharges the Suite with Expansion of Generative AI Capabilities

10. April 2024

Oracle NetSuite gab bekannt, dass es seine generativen KI-Funktionen in der gesamten Suite ausbaut und um das Tool NetSuite Text Enhance erweitert. NetSuite Text Enhance hilft Anwendern dabei, unternehmensspezifische, relevante Daten zu nutzen, um kontextbezogenen und personalisierten Content zu erstellen und zu verfeinern.

Oracle NetSuite today announced it is expanding its generative AI capabilities across the suite. NetSuite Text Enhance helps users leverage company-specific, relevant data to create and refine contextual and personalized content. Now embedded in more finance and accounting, supply chain and operations, sales and marketing, and customer support processes, NetSuite Text Enhance will help organizations reach their goals faster and more efficiently by increasing productivity, reducing human error, improving consistency, and accelerating business processes

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