Oracle NetSuite – Increased growth through integrated Applications

Oracle NetSuite is the world-wide number 1 leader in Cloud-based business management programs, providing companies a unique, web-based solution. A wide range of robust ERP and comprehensive finance functions for modern companies users can streamline their business-critical processes with.

Tailored to the companies of today

NetSuite is cloud-based, optimized for mobile devices and social networks and frees companies of the necessity to work with antique, PC-based systems which entrench themselves behind a firewall. The core piece of NetSuite is a dynamic and user-friendly platform all users of a company can access anytime and via any device.

NetSuite is an extremely scalable system that grows with your business, allowing you to quickly and simply add desired functions for the international operation of your business. NetSuite provides support for 190 currencies and 20 languages as well as tax compliance for more than 100 countries providing critical support for international expansion.

The Cloud is the future

  • Scalability: Ensure agility, flexibility and scalability, which your company needs for innovation and growth.
  • The complete image of your company: integrated business intelligence offers realtime data to key performance indcatiors (KPI) resulting in a holistic view of the business.
  • Prepare your business for the future: functional restrictions due to different software versions are part of the past. Increase your agility with software that is always up to date thanks to regular, managed updates.

Benefit from proven customer solutions – PROMATIS Best Practice products are available in the following areas:


The finance management solution of NetSuite dynamizes daily finance transactions, accelerates the financial close, and ensures compliance. The cloud-based single platform architecture ensures a holistic realtime overview of the financial performance of the company, from the consolidated level down to the individual transactions.

Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software of NetSuite is the only cloud solution with a realtime 360 degree view of its customers. NetSuite CRM offers a seamless information flow of the entire customer life cycle – from lead to opportunity, customer order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-selling and support.

Professional Services Automation

Manage the entire bid-to-bill process of your service operation with leading professional service automation solutions of NetSuite. The solutions are developed from the start for the requirements of your growing service company, are easy to implement and to maintain, and can be extended quickly thanks the easily managed configurability, inherent in the design of NetSuite.

Supply Chain Management

NetSuite’s SCM solution realizes the requirements of a modern Supply Chain Management (SCM) in only one application. NetSuite’s integrated manufacturing, sales, and SCM capabilities are all based on the requirement that the physical location where a product is manufactured or stored should be irrelevant to your decision making process. NetSuite enables you to easily manage the global value chains across your enterprise, from a fully virtualized enterprise.

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