PROMATIS Process and Result Quality

Quality is one of PROMATIS’ essential factors for success. Often a plain focus on result quality is not enough to satisfy quality demands. Much more important are the quality of service and development processes, as it allows conclusions to the long-term quality of project results and with that also to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)!

Procedure Model IQPM™

PROMATIS has defined its approach to project work in the comprehensive process model IQPM™. IQPM has been continuously improved over the years, with more than 30 years of project work and tens of thousands of man-days accumulated. IQPM stands for Integrated Quality Process Model, emphasizing in its name the importance of the quality of the development process and the process results. Hence, IQPM can be flexibly adapted to specific client requirements and be integrated into process models. IQPM defines project activities, result objects, and roles as well as causal and temporal dependencies; in addition, the requirements regarding the methods and tools to be used in the project. Elementary components are specifications for project and quality management as well as for the management of the organizational change process. Proven best practice templates ensure that IQPM meets the requirements of both business process reengineering as well as agile digitization projects.