Medium-sized Solutions – Exploiting potential with digitization

Business processes are the lifelines of a company and permanently need to adapt to the constant requirements of the industry, the market, the legal requirements. Business software applications provide help with that and ensure a smooth procedure of core processes, finances, the realization of proceeds, invoicing, CRM, purchasing, manufacturing or if necessary e-commerce.

Cloud-based ERP suite as an all-in-one solution for German SMEs

Oracle NetSuite is the world-wide number 1 among the cloud-based business management applications providing their company a unique, web-based solution to integrate core processes of operation and customer relationship management (CRM), accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as the automation of professional services and e-commerce.

With Oracle NetSuite, you can unravel the cost-intensive tangle of different business applications and use a single system for accounting/ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and other required applications. This allows you to automate processes, increase the transparency of your entire business, and ultimately accelerate productivity.

Medium-sized company optimized implementation

The topic of digitization is the focus of consideration in all industries. Driven by new technologies, the optimization of processes is a central element of a holistic business approach, which is lived by PROMATIS.

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