Professional Services – Flexibility in every lifecycle phase

Already today, this industry is characterized by innovations and speed that, in combination with a high safety awareness and maximum quality demands, considers and systematically maps the requirements of tomorrow in processes.

Agile industry solution for professional service automation

Companies that focus on professional services – including software and IT companies – remain critical when it comes to choosing their own software solutions, because they know what to look for. Standardization with maximum flexibility, adaptations that implement the exact desired requirements, transparency of processes for your own administration as well as competent contact persons for questions of any kind – these are only some of the requirements that are placed on an enterprise solution of this agile industry.

Another characteristic of this industry is the fast growth and increase of requirements, regarding both their amount as well as their complexity in an integrated cooperation. This is where Oracle NetSuite comes into play – a modern cloud-based business software that flexibly realizes the new requirements of the company while keeping an eye on the costs.

The NetSuite products strike the chord of this industry. Aside from the classic ‘basic functionalities’ such as procurement, sales and finance, the number 1 of cloud ERP solutions offers functionalities such as project management, resource management and extended integration possibilities that manage the growth of tomorrow starting today.

Implementation for Professional Services

The characteristic of PROMATIS is its deep understanding of software, processes and projects. The symbiosis with Oracle NetSuite provides applications of a special kind – because what both have in common is the high degree of customer orientation.

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